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【Mobile Measurement System】

For the property management of public infrastructures, it can promote the service level, as well as maintaining/managing the public roads and reducing the regular costs.

MMS is an excellent technology to efficiently collect information for the purposing of managing roads. It uses the mobile mapping technology of aviation industry to scan the images of roads and air space, which can provide customized information for property management.


Infrastructure Investigation-3D Tunnel


【Application of HD maps for Self-driving Automobiles】

Preparation, Data Collection, Data Processing, Manual Verification, Map Drawing



HD MAP-Tainan Validation site

【High-precision Map for Self-driving Automobiles

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In order to complying with the 5+2 New Technologies policy proposed by Executive Yuan, high-precision maps become the essential IT infrastructure for the smart driving. Through the cooperation of industry, government and academia, we will build a high-precision map service integration platform and promote the development of smart driving services in Taiwan.ThinkTron Co., Ltd.cooperates with various industry, government, academic organizations to promote the integration of high-precision maps and intelligent transportation systems.By cooperating with the research and development center of high-precision maps in National Cheng Kung University andThinkTron Co., Ltd., as well as some partners, the advanced technology of space measurement/drawing and the development of integrated IT platforms has been applied to produce high-precision maps and introduce artificial intelligence technologies. By these efforts, the production efficiency of high-precison maps and the automatic recognition of objects on roads have been improved to real-time update the dynamic information of high-precision maps.


It is expected that through the dynamic update of high-precision maps, the implementation of data exchange with smart transportation systems, and key applications in some areas, such as smart driving, disaster prevention planning, road infrastructure asset inventory, and maintenance/repair, have been promoted to a new level.


In response to the rapid development of intelligent driving and intelligent transportation systems in recent years, high-precision maps required for precise navigation and monitoring have gradually become the essentialspace information infrastructures, such as inertial navigation system (INS), global navigation satellite system (GNSS), LiDAR and sensors/camera for driving. High-precision 3-D maps of vehicle navigation information can provide accurate, reliable, and robust prior information on the environment and becomeanvery important key to the practice of safe autonomous driving technology.


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